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What is Tatami Mat?




Tatami is a Japanese unique culture never seen in other countries and is mainly used in a wide range of situations such as judo, tea ceremony, yoga, and Japanese-style rooms. However, it is a bit difficult to install as they require detailed room dimensions.


On the other hand, a tatami "mat (unit/Oki-tatami)" is easy to install because you only need to place it like a rug on the flooring. The surface is smooth and has a great texture, and you usually take off your shoes to sit on them.

There are multiple ways to use and move it anytime anywhere you want.

tatami mat woman



In what situations can tatami mat be used?

It can be used in many ways, depending on you. 

You can put two sheets together, use it as a yoga mat, put three sheets together, and use it for napping. If you like meditating, a single tatami mat by itself can be used for that.

Place them in different places to try out different atmospheres. They can also be used as room decorations.

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How to arrange Tatami Mats?



Why Daiken Tatami?

Traditionally, tatami is composed of a board made of straw and a surface covered with woven Igusa (Rush straw). However, tatami made of "Rush straw" has some disadvantages such as causing discoloration, abrasion, and tick exposure.

DAIKEN developed a new material of tatami using Japanese woven paper. This surface has a high performance, including resistance to ticks, mold, climate, water, and abrasion.


daiken woven paper


Slip-proof and stain-resistant

Slip-proof and stain-resistant

It is especially suitable for households with pets or babies and for people who exercise.

You can easily wipe off sweat or spilled drinks.


Approx. 3 Times the Resistant of General Rush-based Tatami Facing

It is strong against scratches caused by toenails and luggage.

■Abrasion resistance test

(Tested using abrasive paper #180 to check the wear condition after 100 revolutions with a load of 250 g x 2)  

Left: Traditional Rush-based Tatami Facing

Right: Daiken Tatami Facing

tatami facing test



  • Dimensions:0.51" thick, 32.3" x 32.3"
  • Packing material, quantity: Cardboard case
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg per piece
  • Base material: Insulation board
  • Front surface: Japanese Washi paper fabrics
  • Back surface: Slip-proof sheet
  • Formaldehyde regulations: Labeling exempted product Japanese Washi paper is used. This is not hand-made Washi paper made of hybrid mulberry, oriental paperbush, etc. 


unit tatami mat
woman on the tatamiYou can sit on a single tatami mat.



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