GRAVIO embossed type

GRAVIO embossed type



Non-combustible decorative wall
Accent wall panel that realizes a beautiful finish and easy installation


We proudly introduce a new fire-resistant decorative panel for the interior, which incorporates a field-proven underlayment, as the base material.

This non-combustible wall panel has an excellent lightweight property and workability. Its unique cut-end design helps the product fit neatly, reducing labor for installation. The versatile lineup of products with high-quality patterns allows various residential, commercial, and public use applications. The non-combustible panel is the new industry standard for interior-facing walls. The decorative panel keeps the interior beautiful and clean, enhancing the value of facilities and housing.


GRAVIO embossed type has been IAPMO-certified since November 2021 Test#1: ASTM E84‐2018b Test#2: ASTM E84‐2021




non combustible material

Certified Non-combustible material in Japan


GRAVIO embossed type consists of non-organic materials such as slug wool and volcanic vitreous material. It is certified as non-combustible material under the Japan Ministry of Transport NM-4565.


The weight is roughly 66% lighter than sheetrock and 40% lighter than standard wall tile.


Compare to general combustible materials, the weight has been reduced to achieve increasing in size.

lightweight material


easy cut panel

Good workability and easy cutting with a hand saw.


You can easily cut out even complicated fits with a hand saw.


Since it is a soft construction method, carpentry construction is possible. (No plastering required)


Installation can be accomplished simply with adhesive and pin nails as per manufacture instructions.

Easy Installation




Size: 3 / 8 inch×18 inch×6-0feet, 2pcs /carton(17.76sqft), 33lbs /carton

Packing: Carton box

Base material: Volcanic silicates fiber-reinforced multi-layer board

Surface: Deep carving style embossing and special multicolor coating finish

Edge Processing: Halving lap joint in all sides

Various certifications: Non-combustible materials approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport NM-4565

Formaldehyde regulations: Labeling exempted product






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